The Russians Are Coming!

I’m old enough to remember the warm part of the Cold War (1950’s/60’s) where I learned to hide under my desk at school in case of an attack.  I remember those tense days in Oct 1962 when John Kennedy went toe-to-toe with the Soviet Union … and “won.”

Of course, I was also a Cold Warrior myself (with a gift certificate to prove it) for 7 years as a Minuteman ICBM launch control officer in Montana and Wyoming.  After sitting through hours of “intelligence” briefings, I think I know a thing or two about a relationship with the Soviets/Russians.  But, I also know that times change.

So the current interest in what the Russians did (or did not) do with respect to our election and so on is quite interesting.  The far left’s sudden interest in the activities of Russian agents is telling as it’s no doubt more selfish/political in nature than a real concern about foreign interference in the campaign.  After all, if it had been the RNC that was “hacked” … the far left would not have cared!!

The one thing that I learned during those Cold War days (up to and including Ronald Reagan’s “win” in forcing the final death of the old Soviet Union), is the Russians’ respect  of power and courage.  I believe they will quickly learn that Donald Trump’s “America First” approach will be far different that President Obama’s “lead from behind” approach.



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