Someone Mr Trump Should Talk To

Already we have seen that Mr Trump will be anything but a “typical” politician.  His campaign was unorthodox, his messaging was, at times, frustrating, and he’s become almost a cartoonish character to the liberal media and pundits.

As he continues to look “outside the box” for ideas and solutions to our country’s many problems, I though I’d toss out one of my favorites.  He’ll never hear this, of course, but I’ll feel better!!

My last assignment in the USAF was in Japan at Fifth Air Force headquarters.  Our commander was a three-star general.  At one of our staff meetings, he asked the senior staff (mostly colonels) to address some issues.  A week or so later, after they had turned in their ideas, he called a meeting of ALL of our officers, regardless of rank, in the conference room.  The general started the meeting by asking a rhetorical question:

“Do you folks think I’m stupid?”

It went downhill from there.

Apparently the assembled colonels all fed the general what they thought he wanted to hear, but what the general really wanted was the TRUTH.

After making his concerns abundantly clear, he motioned to the back of the room and said something which I would heartily recommend for Mr Trump:

“Every day I thank the good Lord for my passed over [for promotion] majors!  They are the only people on the staff who will tell me the truth.  They’re not worried about their next promotion … they only want to make a difference.  You guys [the colonels] need to ask them what to do and pass that information on to me.”  The general then left the stunned and silent room without another word.

He was right.  In any bureaucracy, there are those who rise to the top.  Most are pretty good at their jobs, some are not.  But below them in the hierarchy are people who know the day to day gritty nature of the organization and how to improve it.  They have reached their peak and are comfortable with their place in the organization.  They also know where the skeletons are buried and how problems SHOULD be fixed.

But, no one asks them for their opinion.

I truly wish that amongst the recognizable faces going in and out of Trump Tower, there are a few “passed over majors” who would be willing to tell Mr Trump the TRUTH.



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