Political Warfare … AKA Campaign 2016

Well, it has started.

In spite of all the admonitions from various leaders (including President Obama) that political discourse in the United States needs to be more civil and respectful, it appears highly likely that we Americans will be faced with a long, hot, summer and fall campaign.  As I wrote before, I miss the days of political moderation when zealots (of both the left and the right) were merely annoying …. not in charge!!

Clearly this election cycle is like none we’ve ever seen before.  On one side, we’ve had an avowed Socialist running against the ultimate political insider.  On the other, we started with seventeen candidates from both inside and outside the DC beltway, and ended up with a billionaire businessman with absolutely no political experience.  We are clearly in uncharted waters.

Although Mr Trump was not my top choice this year, he will probably get my vote primarily because I believe he will pick top notch people to work with him and actually listen to what they have to say.  To those who would scoff at this perspective, let me remind you that building a multi-national business with thousands of employees is not something easily done by an idiot.  It takes a lot of management skill and the work of a talented group of people at a lot of levels to ensure success in a multi-billion dollar enterprise.  Of course he has made mistakes along the way … nature of the beast.  But, his success should be envied, not denigrated.  Personally, I’d love to see a government headed up by people such as Gov Chris Christy as Attorney General, Mayor Rudy Giulani at Homeland Security, Dr Ben Carson at Health and Human Services, a return of Condoleezza Rice at State, and so on.  In other words, a talented group of people that will make Mr Trump look as good as president as his staff has done at Trump International.

(I do wish he would develop a bit thicker skin and stay away from childish verbal barbs.  Perhaps that will come with time.)

On the other hand, I could never, ever, support Mrs Clinton for any office that involves the public trust.  That she still garners so much support in spite of all of the hard evidence of her misdeeds is stunning. Her out and out lies, proven with the release of her emails, to the families of those killed in Benghazi is disgraceful.  On a more personal note,  I dealt with classified information for most of my Air Force career, with a lot of it above the Top Secret level when I was a Minuteman ICBM launch control officer.  Her handling of materials as Secretary of State is appalling.  Clearly, if I had treated the materials entrusted to me with the same level of ignorance and carelessness as she did, I’d probably still be in jail!  But, then, I’m not a “Clinton.”  The rules are different.  Just ask her husband, Bill, about the penalties for lying under oath during a Federal investigation (a crime called perjury).  None!!  All you have to do is shift the narrative to “it was just a sex scandal!”  I am so disappointed that she is the best the Democrats could come up with to lead our nation.

It should be an interesting few months.

I miss Ronald Reagan ….



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