Recent events this week, the loss of four brave comrades in arms to an Islamic terrorist, is sort of the last straw. I need to vent a little, so fair warning!!

In my soon to be 65 years on this planet, I have seen a lot of politicians and “leaders” come and go. Some have been good, a few inspiring, some terrible.

The way I see the difference between liberal and conservative, Republican or Democrat, boils down to two broad areas.

The first is how much do we take from those who succeed in life to give to those who do not or who need help? There are a lot of shades of grey in this dichotomy. And, I think we can have a spirited set of debates, disagreements and compromises on what is enough and how best to solve these problems. That’s good for our democracy.

But the second broad area is far more sinister … it is the perception of EVIL in the world and how to react to that EVIL. Here there is clearly a monumental difference in world views that I have difficulty reconciling. There IS EVIL in our communities … thugs, drug dealers, thieves, murderers …. they are the personification of EVIL that we see in our neighborhoods. But, there is also EVIL in the outside world as well. Evils such as “systems” including Communism, Socialism, or Naziism. Evil in those who bend a world religion to meet their own sick goals .. be it Islamic terrorists or the KKK flashing their “Christian” symbols around.

Effectively dealing with EVIL is not magic … you confront it head on, refuse to “negotiate” with it, remove it quietly if possible, but sometimes you must step up and remove it with as much force as is necessary.

This is where the current crop of Democrats/liberals/progressives completely and totally fail. You cannot trust or negotiate in good faith with EVIL. Period. History has taught us this over and over. “Gun Free Zones” will not stop EVIL people … it only prevents honest, law abiding people, from protecting themselves. Sanctuary cities with lax law enforcement do not protect their citizens from “immigrant” criminals. Agreements with terrorists will not stand the test of time – the terrorists will do anything to advance their goals including lying and cheating on “agreements.” Drawing a “red line in the sand” and then ignoring it only leads to one failure after another.

I could go into so many examples of this in the past … Hitler and Neville Chamberlain, Jimmy Carter and the Iranian mullahs, Ronald Reagan vs Ghadaffi in Libya, Mayor Giuliani vs New York crime lords … but they all reflect the same result.

You succeed when you recognize, confront and remove EVIL. You fail when you do nothing but talk and give in to them.

We need leaders who will succeed in dealing with EVIL … not those who refuse to accept that it exists. Those are the leaders we should be proud of and that we should seek out, no matter what “party” they belong to.


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