Henry Standing Bear’s Canadian “twin”

As many of us wait patiently for Craig Johnson’s new Longmire book and season 4 of our favorite TV series to arrive on Netflix, there are times we need to fill our TV sessions with other things.

As I have alluded to before, one of the shows my wife and I have found is a Canadian series called Heartland. The first 5 seasons are available on Netflix.  (The show is just wrapping it’s 8th season overall on CBC and has been renewed for a 9th.)

Although radically different in plot than Longmire (it’s the story of a young girl and her family horse farm – a long way from our Sheriff’s work!!) … the two shows share several things in common: spectacular scenery and locations (Heartland is filmed near Calgary amidst the Canadian Rockies), excellent acting and writing, a respectful relationship with Native America, and wonderful music, in this case from some little known Canadian artists.

As a nice sample, if you’re a fan of Henry Standing Bear (which I am, especially the Henry we get to know in the Longmire books), there’s a particular episode I think you’ll enjoy. It comes near the end of season 2, called “Full Circle” (episode 17).

Our heroine, Amy, is having trouble with her horse and takes it to a Native American friend (Victor Whitetail) of her deceased mother. The scenes between Amy and Victor are really well done and are full of inspiring Native American wisdom. Several times, I found myself saying “Victor sounds just like Henry …” There’s some side story stuff that may not make much sense if you’re not watching the entire series involving Amy’s older sister, Lou, but just pay close attention to the scenes with Amy and Victor. Truly amazing. Near the end of the show, there is a wonderful music track that made me instantly think “man, that music would be so cool in an episode of Longmire!!”

I’d love to hear your comments so please feel free to post back.



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